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Mining movie on netflix

Performance of Different Methods

How does Netflix recommend movies? Matrix Factorization

And it was a Netflix competition. And this is an open, online, and international contest, competition. Everybody can enter, anyone who wants to form a team could enter, and it really spurred a lot of research in the community of data mining and machine learning. So, take that value and multiply it by 0. So you think of the tables we showed before of users, and then you have movies, and then all your values, your ratings, your five, four or whatever, and so on.

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And so, there wereusers, and 17, movies released in this data set. The thing is that this data is really sparse, which makes it difficult. We looked at what sparse means previously, but really, what it means is that many users are going to rate only a few movies, right? I mean rating that many movies is a lot. Well, really because a few users actually rate a ton of movies.

Like, some netflix them rate, you know, even tens of thousands of a scene of this data set, which is really, really remarkable to rate that many movies. And so, they they divided it like this.

Mining movie on netflix - how does netflix recommend movies? matrix factorization

This is a good way to visualize how it goes. Okay, and that, that set was released to the public, okay, and this is in the public.

And this is the set that they said, okay, train your algorithms using this, right. Then they also released what was called a probe set. So this is basically to say, alright well, now we want to hold back, quote unquote, hold back some of our entries. You have to go in and take a test. And this this is basically your study material for the test, right? Now, all right, so now there were private elements of that set too, okay.

Now the quiz set, they allowed the, people to test on the quiz set, once every day. So that you could submit your algorithm, and you could test on the quiz set, once every day and see how, good your algorithm was doing.

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And they actually based the progress prizes off of that quiz set. Then the real test for the million dollars at the end had, was on the test set. And, you know, that would only happen once where you would test on the test set, and only one time right at the end that you would see, okay how well you did.

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And so again, we draw that analogy again. This training set, this is your study material and you use this to study for the test. This is homework problems or practice problems before you go into the test. Or you can only take the quiz, you, test on the quiz set a certain amount of times, and this test is the actual test when you walk into the exam. Right, there could be some curve balls but it gives you a pretty good estimation, right.

performance of different methods

So, now the the training set again. So reverse engineering would mean okay, well if you gave me the test set then what I would do is I could just set everything in my algorithm just so that it would basically make the test set error go to zero. So that would be this reverse engineering idea.

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